End of Book 1
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End of Book 1

And so the adventure continues.

I want to thank everyone who’s supported Legend of the Hare in the year and a half it’s been running. I hope you enjoyed it. It was a massive undertaking, bigger than anything I’ve every attempted before, and a lot bigger than my first real attempt at making a webcomic should have ever been. But I think it’s been a fun ride, bumpy as it’s been. I’m glad I was able to tie up the comic, and give a moderately satisfying ending to the book.

To the book.

I wrote a book. And I finished writing it before I turned thirty, even though the last page didn’t go up until I was a week past the that mark. Whatever missteps I’ve made along the way, that’s something I’ll always be proud of. It was $6,640 well spent (especially the part that was spent by Drowemos instead of me :P).

I want to thank Mary Cagle and her twitch stream chat for helping convince me to bring Legend of the Hare to a conclusion, during the period when I was considering just dropping it. You readers deserved a conclusion at least to the arc, and Jill deserved one too.

So, this is the end of the book. Is it the end of Legend of the Hare?

For now, possibly. At least in this format. I’m looking for a way to continue the story, be that in the form of illustrated prose a la Erfworld, or even something a bit more multimedia where I could have art done in bits and pieces.


I played around with using RPG maker to have the Jill vs Riley fight be interactive, but I gave up on that idea well before obtaining non-placeholder art for it. It’s something I might look into again, since getting custom sprites/tilesets/music can wait until I’ve gotten a good feel for it.

Or maybe I’ll just go so far as to do a Kickstarter for a second book of the comic, all old-school like that, or even make some Twine games!

In the meantime, I’m reposting Legend of the Hare strips over at Tapastic, so enjoy that until I get to the end of Chapter 1 and try to figure out how to put a video on Tapastic.

I’m also taking advantage of the end of book one to work on another series to try to apply a lot of the lessons I learned writing Legend of the Hare. Saffron and Sage updates Tuesdays, and has a planned ending and a clear path to get there figured out before I started. Madness.

If you’d like to support my work, and perhaps see a second book of Legend of the Hare in the not-too-distant future, please check out Saffron and Sage, subscribe to the Tapastic version of Legend of the Hare (and Saffron and Sage!), or even subscribe to my Patreon. If I make it to $300/mo, that’s enough to do Legend of the Hare Book 2 as a once-a-week comic while paying for Saffron and Sage out of pocket.

And if you don’t want to support my work, that’s fine, too. I’m glad you enjoyed reading it and/or hate-reading it for a Bad Webcomics Wiki review. I hope somewhere in the 105 pages there was a joke that made you smile.

Thank you.